I found an amazing list from Scholastic on pinterest, changed the colors a bit and voila ! 9 reasons why reading is good for you and why you should read more :)


  1. You can learn something new every time you read something different! How exciting is that?

  2. As you read more, you'll know more and that will certainly improve your skills in your fields of interest.

  3. Trust me when I say that when you learn you'll want to practice your knowledge and you'll be more motivated to do so since you'll have more information. More info, less fear !


  1. It's like getting more info on how to do something

  2. I mean, duh

  3. Now this is important. As you read, try to slowly figure out how the book has been laid out. You'll see that once you figure it out, you'll move to chapters, then paragraphs, then sentences and you'll be able to fully appreciate the book from within (hearts)


  1. So you decided to start learning more about writing, you read a couple of articles on it, and then start reading a blog on writing, and you might even buy a book. Ta da!

  2. Combine all of the above, and you'll see that you've focused on your identity. You've taught yourself something new, built up on it, you've created a new and awesome skill. Yay.

  3. If you've never read fiction, it might be time. It's so fascinating to see how authors want characters to interact with each other. As a reader, you know where they come from, but the characters are living in their own time. Reading fiction reminds you, that we all have baggage and helps in making us understand others more.

So pick up something to read, be it a newspaper, a magazine, a book, captions on social media posts, start small and grow big.

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