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Frequently asked questions

How does your website work?

While we offer a wide selection of books in our brick-and-mortar store, our website offers our favorites books of the month, our #booktiquepicks. There's no need to go through all the titles when we've done the job for you - pick one or contact us for particular titles. We'll make it work :)

What is Library4all ?

Library4all is an awesome organization that sends children's books to schools and libraries all over Greece. We have therefore decided to support this organization in 2 ways. - Firstly, we are a collection point of previously owned books which we then send to be distributed. - Secondly, with your help. If any of the books on our subscription service, is not to your liking, you can send it back to us while filling out the provided form and we'll make sure it goes to the Library4all headquarters.

Why do you not wish to accept returns?

We apologize for any invonvenience this may have caused you. There are three main reasons why we do not enjoy accepting returns: - We do our best to pick the best books out there and recommend them to you. - We do our best to provide all the information you need to know what you are buying. - We stronly recommend that you pass on the book to someone you love. Spread the love and joy for books, it'll come back to you. In case you still want to return the book you've bought, contact us at and we'll make it work.

How are #booktiquepicks chosen?

Aha! While we cannot reveal our secrets, we will let you know that our personal preference is the strongest and best factor. If one of us (there are 3) doesn't want to read it, the book will not cut it.