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- Fani Charitaki, Owner -

Hello there !

So you want to know a little more about us? By “us” do you mean the bookstore or me? Well, we are one and the same. My name is Fani (pronounced at the “i” -and check out the tiniest picture of me below) and I opened Booktique in 2013. Now, the world had some serious money issues at that time, but I decided to go ahead and do it anyway. At first, the goal was to share my motto "there is a book for everyone" and help my customers find that book. As the year passed, I realized that the goals change as I progress and grow.  


Don't get me wrong, Booktique will always aim to be a contemporary bilingual bookstore, while at the same time hosting various designers and their awesome objects (mostly Greek and locally made) - beautiful books and objects, that's our thing.  However, there's more to Booktique than retail and this is what I hope you can see on the company's digital footrprint.


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Holla if you need help with anything :) 


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