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About booktique

Hello there :) 

Booktique is an indie bookstore located in Kolonaki, Athens. Comprised of a team that loves books, from it's owner to its staff and especially it's colleagues, Booktique strives to be not just a local bilingual bookstore, but one of the best in Athens. 

Enough about that.

What we try to do is create a book-loving community. We clearly love our job and want to spread the joy of reading to others. We focus on literary fiction as well as popular non-fiction books, but our pride and joy is our children's section (i mean, who doesn't love children's books?). Hence why the subscription service is only for children's books. 

Booktique also hosts objects from Greek designers - you can see them featured in our "picks" section. Updated every month with our favorite books and objects, our picks are what represent us and our suppliers, best.

Welcome to our book-loving community :) 

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